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Maintenance & Repairs

Maintenance and repairs of property is always a concern to its owners. We can provide you with a tailored service, facilitating routine maintenance and ensuring regular visits to properties of any kind - Student Halls - Student Agents - Block Of Flats - Houses - Commercial Premises almost any type of property we can maintain it



If the property is being rented, our team can have all trades tradesmen are ready for any minor problems that may occur, ensuring prompt action on the repair that is needed


Other Building Maintenance services include:


  • Planned building maintenance

  • Budget for ongoing maintenance

  • Call-out service for all trades

  • Tendering of maintenance contracts

  • Co-ordination of trades

  • Preparation of estimates


Whether it's your office, factory, commercial investment or home, KM Builders is fully mobile and has the time the tools and the builders to provide building services that will maintain your property exactly as it should be.

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