A Basement Conversion In The Best Way To Make The Best Out Of The Space You Have

Instead of moving to a larger property Homeowners, especially those dwelling in conurbation areas usually extended their properties outwards and upwards. Now, as waterproofing methods and technologies become more advanced but also, more viable, there is a growing trend of homeowners utilising existing damp and dank cellars by doing a basement conversion and converting basements into bright and comfortable habitable living areas.


Cellar conversions can be ambitious by undertaking excavations and extending the foot print of the property which can provide a suite of rooms including swimming pools, gymnasiums, cinema rooms and leisure areas. Alternatively, by means of basement conversion, at the very least you can de-clutter the main living accommodation but often practical additional living space such as bedrooms with wet rooms, living rooms is very achievable and potentially, with little or no need for structural works.


If the form of the structure is not changed planning permission is not necessary but there are a number of building regulations that need to be adhered to. If additional bedrooms are being created light wells or window egress will have to be installed in which case, planning permission will be required.

Basement Conversion In Manchester www.kmbuildersinmanchester.co.uk 07909 633973


Basement Conversion In Manchester www.kmbuildersinmanchester.co.uk 07909 633973

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Loft & Basement Conversion In Manchester www.kmbuildersinmanchester.co.uk 07909 633973

Traditional methods of basement waterproofing such as cement based renders, often referred to as ‘basement tanking’ are becoming less reliable as water table levels rise and bring increased hydrostatic pressure to bear on properties. The new but increasingly used solution is to apply a Polyethylene sheet material described as Cavity Drain Membrane which, provided the substrate is suitable, can be directly applied with little preparation to the walls. Cavity membrane is both vapour proof and impervious to water and provides additional insulation value.


Before the membrane is fitted a drainage provision is installed to ensure quick and efficient evacuation of any water ingress which stays behind the membrane. Internal finishes of insulation and plasterboard or plaster and render products are applied in front of the membrane to provide a dry and well insulated living area.

Correctly installed by approved contractors and with ongoing routine maintenance of drainage channels and pumps, these systems can last the lifetime of the property. Contact us for more information and help with your Basement Conversion.